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Wellness is a lifestyle, not something one ‘schedules in’ a busy agenda. We maintain our pets, our homes and our cars… how about giving ourselves the same care?

I am most impressed with Sifu Slim’s Message…

“Now that I am in my mid-50s, my fitness and energy are more important to me than at any other time in my life, and that’s coming from someone who ran two marathons in his 30s. I am most impressed with Sifu Slim’s Maintenance Workout because his approach is simple, easy to perform, and results-oriented. I’d recommend it for just about anyone who needs to accomplish his or her fitness needs with a limited amount of time in a limited amount of space. I also take credit for booking Sifu Slim in his first invited standup comedy gig back in 1991. He’s pretty quick on his feet and the ad-lib stuff he does is even funnier than his prepared material!”

Victor J. Massad, Ph.D., Business professor, Penn State University

My wellness programs are fun—the best way to keep participants engaged is with the use of laughter.

The name Sifu Slim is my way of telling others and myself to keep things light and upbeat. Even more than being an exercise and daily wellness proponent, I am “The Mindset Guy.” Research shows that wellness starts in the mind and it evolves by doing a daily practice—as seen in the Asian culture and in the yoga community.

There are many ways I can benefit companies that seek wellness options and I remain open to hearing what your company requests.

Over and over I hear this from stress and depression counselors, “I see a growing trend of sleep related issues causing stress as well as job and family dysfunction. Patients are consulting with me to distress, and because they are wired, they’re just not sleeping well or the right amount.”

I will teach your staff special techniques that relieve tension for improved sleep and optimum function. This will create happier workers in a happier work environment.  One way that works well in introducing new options to a staff of people is this.

Accountability at Sifu Slim Corporate Wellness

We track the results quantitatively through participants responses.

Many of today’s corporate leaders have determined that their companies will take part in “Building a Culture of Health.” They realize their staff members already commit long hours to their jobs, their families, and their communities, which doesn’t always leave time and energy to pursue health and wellness. Offering practical wellness enhancement programs in the workplace is a direct step towards improving the lives and productivity of staff members.

From a business perspective, it only makes sense – healthier and happier employees supply better results.

Many insurance companies are offering wellness options. They can scarcely afford increased incidence in frequently preventable conditions such as diabetes, joint pain, and heart ailments.

A body builder colleague of mine explains, “Companies can spend money on ergonomics and state-of-the-art desks all day long, but if people are sedentary and improperly nourished and hydrated, they still have the same problems—they’re not well.” Ergonomics deals with the relation between people and machines, wellness incorporates ergonomics as a part of the program. The human structure has to be as functional as the machines it uses. Wellness stresses a holistic life through proper daily mind and body health maintenance and practices.

We have a closing ceremony after 3 months, a sort of graduation, for all of the participants who kept their commitments. The results for those who make it through are always good. That’s just the way the dynamics of commitment to positive things works. The management weighs in on the program and decides if they would like to continue the relationship. As a resource to your company, my fees are very competitive.

Let me put a lift of exhilaration and wellness into your organization’s culture.

Sifu Slim’s program keeps people thinking about long-term lifestyle and injury prevention. He’s like Jack LaLanne . . . a genuine, driven guy who will never stop preaching sensible health and wellness!

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