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(Sifu 'see-foo' is Cantonese for Teacher-Master)

Sifu Slim
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Some Previous Appearances:

  • Beyond The Cheers Radio Show. Aging Athletes and Weekend Warriors Get Off The Couch
  • Radio Costa del Sol, Spain
  • Conferences
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, National Conference, Washington DC
  • Business Owners' Conference, Quebec City, Canada
  • Investors' Speakers Board
  • Organizational Wellness
  • California Writers' Club
  • University of Richmond
  • Savvy Investors Group
  • University of California Santa Barbara:
    Speaking Reel

Get Ready for a Unique Experience With The Pioneer of Maintenance Fitness!

Treat your group or organization to a fun Get Moving, Keep Fit presentation! Sifu Slim combines humor with a positive message of daily wellness and health with his exclusive 'How To' secrets of keeping toned and active in less time and without exercise equipment or a gym membership.

Desk Potato Therapy for:
Schools and Youth Organizations
Corporate Retreats and Wellness Programs
Senior Centers, Charitable Events and Non-Profits

Introducing Sifu Slim . . .
Sifu Slim is quickly becoming one of the most popular personal lifestyle coaches and corporate trainers. As a corporate wellness consultant, he has travelled extensively to promote healthy living practices, from physical conditioning "anywhere, anytime" without equipment, how to eat right even while travelling to practical, proven ways to maintain a sound life-work balance.

What people are saying about Sifu Slim

Sifu Slim's program keeps people thinking about long-term lifestyle and injury prevention. He's like Jack LaLanne . . . a genuine, driven guy who will never stop preaching sensible health and wellness!
Chris Danahy, Triathlete and Four-Time IronMan Hawaii Finisher

I am most impressed with Sifu Slim's Maintenance Workout because his approach is simple, easy to perform, and results-oriented. I'd recommend it for just about anyone who needs to accomplish his or her fitness needs with a limited amount of time in a limited amount of space.
Victor J. Massad, Ph.D., Business Studies Professor, Penn State University

Sifu's presentation was a wake-up call to the youth so that as we enter the workforce, we engineers realize the value of staying healthy and living a long life. As a former athlete, I know the importance of staying in shape and its benefits; therefore, the tips from the presentation were valuable and easy to apply to everyday things.
Silvia Garcia, Sec. of the Society of Hispanic Engineers, Santa Clara University

Since when did people start caring more about their cars than their own bodies? Sifu takes an innovative approach into the lifestyle of the hunter-gatherer, revealing overlooked wisdom of how to live today for a healthier tomorrow. This is a practical book overflowing with appreciated entertainment incomparable to anything else.
Pamela Guerrieri, Literary Award Judge, Editor

Contrary to most recommendations, here is a book you must put down! Sifu Slim's "Sedentary Nation" charts our human journey from caveman to couch potatoes. Sifu's point is simple but sure: while exercising our brains with desktops, laptops, I-pads, I-pods, television and the like, we seem to have overlooked exercising our bodies. I couldn't wait to stop reading and start walking!
Caspar Weinberger, Jr. Human Events Columnist and Lecturer


Sedentary Nation, The answers are not found in the new millennium,
they're in 1910. (see

The Aging Athlete, What happens when the accolades cease? A motivational book about former world-class athletes with captivating life stories.


'Get Moving, Get Fit' with Sifu Slim
Give Your Team an Experience That Lasts a Lifetime!

1. Call and book your Sifu Slim event - we do the rest

2. We bring everything needed for your fun, interactive presentation

3. Your 1-hour event delivers actionable health and wellness for all participants, with take-home materials and giveaways!


Be Inspired by Sifu's Passion for Fitness and Wellness

Are YOU a Victim of 'Busy Person' Syndrome?
Many people say they are too busy to work out or get to the gym. Today, Sifu has an answer for them: "It's called 'maintenance fitness' and it's the most time and space efficient program available. Now anyone can keep fit anywhere, including at work or right in your home."

Everyone wants to know: "How can busy people stay fit at home, at the office, and when traveling?"
Sifu's innovative workout will keep you toned, get your cardio going, help strengthen 'pain point' areas such as the back, hips, butt, neck and more. It's the simple, effective and fun maintenance workout for busy people.

What Your Presentation Will Include
The 'Get Moving, Get Fit' program is a complete program designed for the young and the young-at-heart


Sifu's Exclusive Business Traveler's Workout and Maintenance Workout

Fun, Get Up and Get Lively Audience Participation with 'Cheat Sheet' Personal Fitness Handouts

Giveaways of Sifu's Popular Instructional DVDs and Take-Home Workout Booklets and Much More.

Sifu Slim's 'Get Moving, Get Fit' seminar is available at no cost to qualifying non-profit organizations.


Talks can be given in English, Spanish or French.

Send an e-mail today to: SifuSlim or visit and click on 'Events' for more information.